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Change Text Headers/Images


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    Carlos started the conversation

    In the Attached Image and I put 3 points Ill like to change:

    1.- I need to change the sub-title for each page, where do I do that? and also can I change the color of it? (attached Image first point)

    2.- The "Header/Title" of every page I notice its associated with the "Title of the Page" (not the Permalink), is there any way to change the color of that tile (attached Image second point)

    3.- I notice that under "Appearance" (then scroll down to: Subheader Area Style) I can change the Image; is there any way to have a different  Subheader Image for each page? (attached Image third point). Its really annoying that I have to have a very GENERIC Image for all my pages

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    Kris replied


    Generally you can set for each page, post, portfolio item custom subheader color, image and customm post and subtititle.

    You can do this in section Subheader Area Custom Style bellow post/page content.

    1. There you can set Custom title for subheader . If you leave this field blank will be displayed default title but in some cases (for example by very long default post titles) is useful use this field to display custom title in subheader.

    2. Here you can set subtitle displayed in subheader. If you leave it blank subtitle will be not displayed.

    3. Here you can set custom background color for subheader for current post/page. If you leave it blank will be used color set in Template Options

    4. Here you can set custom text color for subheader title and subtitle for current post/page. If you leave it blank will be used color set in Template Options.

    5. Here you can upload custom image for subheader . If you leave it blank will be displayed image set in Template Options.

    Note: This settings will be not affected on subheader on Woocommerce pages(not product pages but specific woocomerce pages as Shop etc) This pages don't read custom pages parameters. So on tthis pages will be displayed colors and images set in Template Options. You can set specific image for subheader on this pages in Template Options -> Woocommerce setting.


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