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    Carlos started the conversation

    I've been working in this project for the last week, I'm following the same structure of the template but  I cant find a way to modify the very top right section of the webpage and the top bottom  (attached images 1&2) I don't want to use those sections on the web page, or at least I would like to modify that section with other names and links, also I notice that the "Testimonial" comes with html code so I can modify the picture, name, etc, however the "Name" is not showing and the "color" cant be change (attached image 3) Hopefully you guys will be able to help me out and figure whats the issue. 



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    Kris replied


    1. Regarding menus in top bar and in copyright.

    You don't need modify anything in template. This menus are only displayed when some menus are assigned to this menu positions. By importing of sample content you have already import this menus and assign to this positions

    So please go to dashboard Appearance -> Menus and select each of this menus 

     and modify or if you if you do not want to use them at all simply unassign from this menu position (uncheck marked field for example for footer menu).

    2. Regarding Testimonial and name color . 

    Generally this color should be main accent color. And in our test installation by Gates v 1.3 is so. If by you not please send me dashboard access. We check and fix it online.


    DynamicPress Support Team