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plugin registration


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    Bevis started the conversation

    Hi there.
    I've noticed many of the plugins that come with the theme are limited and not registered. Do the full versions come with the theme, and if so, how can I register them?
    Also, what is a good size for pictures for slider revolution? I want to fill the screen horizontally, but not vertically, and I'd like it to look good on computers as well as mobiles.


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    Kris replied


    Regarding premium plugins bundled with our themes. This are allways full version included in theme on ground extended licencion which we buy from plugins developers. 

    You can use it legaly with our theme . But it is some usage limitation. You can't register it, automaticaly upgrade etc. 

    More detailed it is explained here: https://dynamicpress.ticksy.com/article/8214/

    Regarding image size. Is hard to say withot knowining your actually revslider setting but generally should be in size which you have on greatest device. For exaple for full with slider 400px height it should be 1920 x 400 at least. 

    But please note that it is important right slide grid setting for all devices in slider General setting 

    and main image background setting in each slide. 

    You can test different settings to achleve optimal layout on all devices


    DynamicPress Support Team