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  • Toby replied

    Thank you.  This fix worked nicely.  

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    Kris replied

    Try add in Template options -> Layouts -> Custom CSS following :

    .dp-mobile-header-center {width:50%}

    .dp-mobile-header-left {width:15%}


    DynamicPress Support Team

  • Toby replied

    So now i just have the problem that the logo is scaled way down.  Can somebody look into how to prevent this?

  • Toby replied

    Thought i'd let you know that the issue with the sticky bar always being active is only occurring when using chrome incognito mode.  That's how we tested "not logged in" but it turns out that not logged in is different.  I don't know why this is happening.  

  • Toby replied

    Is this ticketing system in use?

  • Toby started the conversation

    Two things: 1) The logo image is being scaled down very small on small screens.  This is also the case in your demo.  It's just that the demo logo isn't as wide as my company logo.

    2) THe  sticky menubar is always active if you are not logged in.  This means the overlapping style is not visible except when users are logged in.  We aren't going to have logged in users on our website so it's breaking our look and feel.