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Update Slider Revolution


  • Diego started the conversation

    Good morning, I would like to update the Slider Revolution, do not know what the Purchase code. I bought the complete package EVOLVE.

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    Kris replied


    Revolution Slider plugin bundled with theme is (as in our case) delivered on ground Extended licence which we buy.

    You become plugin in theme price and you can lehgal use it but you do not buy the plugin in the full sense of the word. Do not you get your own license key and therefore you can\'t:

    • register on plugin developer support forum (they don\'t provide diect support for customer which do not buy plugin direct)
    • automaticaly update plugin (yuou must wait for theme upgrade which new version of plugin).

    Of course, we always try to keep up with the upgrade but we must also check the plugin after each upgrade for compatibility with our theme.

    But in case Evolve latest version 3.8 available on TF is up to date and all bundled plugins are newest version :

    1. Visual Composer 4.7.4
    2. Revslider 5.09

    Please download latest version from TF (full package not only WP theme) and in folder /plugins you find newest versions of all plugins.


    DynamicPress Support Team