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problem on evolve


  • orlando started the conversation


    i write cause i ve some problems on Envato theme.

    1) if i activate WPML plugin, theme options disappears from the panel.

    2) sometimes i find out some pics duplicated in media gallery. i don't understand why. Now i ve deleted them via FTP but it doesnt work properly. The problem is still there.

    3) if you open the home page on tormeccanica.com you see that above "Parco macchine" there is a text [showbiz_postlike]. i ask to you: how can i delete it from each thumb inside portfolio? There's some option i should deselect?

    Let me know as soon as possible how to solve this problems cause i cant go on with my work.


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    Kris replied


    Sorry for delay,

    I was on short holidays and few days no internet conection.

    Please send me actuall dashboard access on studio@dynamicpress.eu (or in private ticket on this forum).

    I fix it.



    DynamicPress Support Team