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Newest Wordpress Update does not work with Classic Text Widget


  • Trace started the conversation

    After transfering my site, it appears that the Classic Text Widget and the DP Bruno Functions Plugins are no longer working together. After talking to Bluehost, they determined that the only way to get the site accessable was to disable one of the other plugin. We disabled the Classic Text Widget and it did work, however all the code is broken (see attached). Apparently this is a well known issue with the newest wordpress update - https://www.blogaid.net/wordpress-4-8-text-widget-meltdown/

    I will be reverting my site back to squarespace in the meantime.  But I need help with this ASAP.

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  • Trace replied

    Turns out you need to upgrade your php to v5.7

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    Kris replied

    Indeed Classic text widget required PHP 5.3 +. 

    It is mentioned in Widget description https://wordpress.org/plugins/classic-text-widget/ 

    You must have previous lower version of PHP.

    Actually official recomended by WP developer versions of PHP  is 5.7.


    It is true that it is written there that the WP should work as well with PHP 5.2.4+ but :

    • these versions have reached official End Of Life and as such may expose your site to security vulnerabilities.
    • this only applies to core WP and not all plugins


    DynamicPress Support Team