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  • Josep started the conversation

    I would like to customize page 404. I currently have a redirect in the 404.php file to my custom page: http://www.grupollacerynavarro.com/pagina-no-encontrada/

    But when I update I lose the changes and I want them to be maintained.

    I have tried to redirect errors from .htaccess but it does not work with:

    ErrorDocument 404 / pagina-no-encontrada


    ErrorDocument 404 / pagina-no-encontrada.php


    ErrorDocument 404 / pagina-no-encontrada

    or a lot of tryings

    Do you have any suggestions for the best way to get there?

    Thank you.

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    Kris replied

    I'm not sure if I right understand.

    But if you have made changes in core theme files (404.php in this case) it will be lost by upgrade.

    If you will create custom 404 page you need use rather use child theme and custom 404.php place there.

    If it is not the point let me know.


    DynamicPress Support Team

  • Josep replied

    It's certainly a good choice, I overshadowed doing the redirect with .htacces and I did not fall into the account to make it simple.

    Doubt solved, thank you very much.