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Editing a Portfolio


  • Pierre started the conversation

    Hi there,

    I have edited your Portfolio page with 3 columns to show my services offered. It works great, but I would like to display all services on the page, and have no page navigation buttons on the page. See attached screenshot please. Currently it only displays 8 items and then gives you an option to go to page 2.

    Also, where do I edit the link for the little grid button when on one of the selected services page? Currently that link only points back to the same page, and it should point back to the 'all' services page. See the attached image please.

    And how to add a button or banner with a button with a link on these Portfolio pages? Whenever I add something it is placed on the top of the page above the content.

    Thanks and kind regards,


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  • Pierre replied

    I really need some support here please.

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    Kris replied


    Count of items per page on portfolio pages and link to default portfolio page (little grid on single item view) you can set in Template Options -> Content Options in Anothe rContent Setting section at the bottom

    Regarding additional content on portfolio page. By default is added above portfolio grid. You can't change it without code editing.

    But you always can built own portfolio page using Essential Grid and place any additional content above or bellow Essential grid.


    DynamicPress Support Team

  • Pierre replied

    OK great thank you very much!