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Footer columns


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    Emma started the conversation

    I would like 4 columns in my footer but the widgets seem to only give me options for 3.

    How can I make it 4 like in the demo?

    Many thanks

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    Kris replied


    In Evolve you have general four footer widgets areas.

    Footer. This is area whith is automaticaly splited in column (up to six) So if you place there 4 widgets you will have 4 columns.This is maybebest for you if you will have only four widgets

    Additionaly you have three footer areas:

    • Footer Left This is 25% width one column area
    • Footer MiddleThis is 50% width automaticaly splited to max 2 columns area 
    • Footer Right This is 25% width one column area 

    Using this areas you can create flexible footer layouts.


    DynamicPress Support Team

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